Horntye Monthly Best Score Spring Challenge


The challenge will consist of 3 dozen arrows shot at the appropriate face at 20yards.

Choose your best score of the month and hand it to Emlyn or Vanessa at the last session of the month.

Prizes are awarded monthly.

Score sheets are available from Vanessa.

Golds are the 10 ring only and 'X' is the inner 10 ring. Include the number of X’s in your Gold count.

Scoring rules apply so please ask for advice if needed.

Indicate also your archery class on the score sheet and include whether Gent/Lady/Novice or Junior.

Recurve archers: Ladies/Gents/Junior
Shoot at 60cm face.

Compound archers: Ladies/Gents/Junior
Shoot at 40cm face.

Longbow, Horsebow, Barebow : Ladies/Gents/Juniors
Shoot at 80cm face.

NOVICES : Ladies/Gents/Juniors
Shoot at 122cm face


NEW : Final Results for 2019 are shown below;

Spring Challenge Handicap Adjusted 2019

Spring Challenge Recurve Handicap Adjusted 2019

Spring Challenge Traditional Handicap Adjusted 2019